Our Mission


our mission 400We know that labor compliance can be challenging. Laws are constantly changing, and requirements are becoming more demanding. One mistake in this industry, whether its underpayment of prevailing wages or not meeting section three requirements, can affect your project timeline and your budget. At Labor Compliance CA/TX, we do our part by working with the state and federal governments to make sure that your project and your lives run a little more smoothly. We are your partner in this labor compliance journey.

Having 25 years experience has allowed us to be at the leading end of this industry. Frank, our owner and CEO, knows what it is like being in the construction industry, having ran his own roofing business for over 10 years This experience has allowed him to navigate the construction industry from the ground up. Being in labor, Frank knows exactly how challenging it can be, and he has created methods that will make your project operate seamlessly.

Our mission as a team, is to be your partner and guide you as you embark on your labor compliance journey. We want to support you through every step of the way and make certain that you rise to the top and accomplish all of your aspirations.